Tesla statue provides wi-fi: Should all public monuments provide wi-fi?

  • Yes, because it is helpfull.

    Those who are really interested in that monument can check out its history and other facts about it on site.Also, check for themselves how the exteriors and the interiors of the monument have changed throughout the many years and maybe help in some way to preserve it. This would attract more tourist to spend more time there and therefore spend more money there - An example is that I have a favorite place to have my weekend brunch because they have free Wi-Fi besides the great food, so I spend more time there & ending up spending more money.

  • Wifi should be provided at public monuments

    In this technological advanced age wifi is becoming a necessity. Public monuments may have plaques but having wifi would allow school groups and homeschoolers to learn more about each monument at the place while they are there. It would also encourage people to spend time there and possibly increase revenue with businesses that are nearby.

  • No people will be using it all the time

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  • No people will be using it all the time

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  • Public Monument, Not Public Display

    People these days are too focused on the Internet. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful thing, but public monuments don't need to provide wi-fi to people. If you really need to take the time to document the moment on snapchat or browse twitter, use your phone's data, but it is by no means necessary to give visitors Internet access at all public monuments.

  • Wifi should'nt be provided with public monuments

    First, I think that the idea of a national monument providing wi-fi for visitors is a unique and intriguing idea. However, it should not be a staple for every national monument. The only pro that it provides is that visitors would be able to post pictures of themselves with the monument via wi-fi instead of being forced to use up their data. Conversely, vistors to monuments shouldn't be focused on trying to get connected to wi-fi and to upload pictures. They should be focused on the monument itself and appreciating it. In this technology age, people are too engrossed in their phones and to encourage that when you are supposed to be sightseeing shouldn't become a staple.

  • Very Very Unnecessary

    That should not happen, because you give the government more power, and that leads to unintended consequences. If one gives free wifi to a public monument, than that allows for things to be free in a public monument. Free Food can be offered. Free technology can be offered. It would be devastating.

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