Tesla wins U.S. antitrust approval to buy SolarCity. Are SolarCity shareholders receiving a fair price?

  • Yes, SolarCity shareholders are receiving a fair price.

    Tesla Motors Inc seems to have walked away with U .S . antitrust authorization to actually buy solar power panel specialist SolarCity Corp. They are moving forward, and are nearer to its actual number one objective of making a carbon-free electrical energy, as well as methods of travel, business. Tesla stocks were down 0 .7 percentage points as well as SolarCity stocks finished 0.6 percent cheaper.

  • Yes, they are receiving a fair price in terms of the economy today.

    Yes shareholders are receiving a fair price due to the fact that the present day economy is so unpredictable that without this buy out they could have lost everything. Buy being bought by a much larger company they are guaranteeing at least some type of decent payment while not having to worry about an unsure economic future.

  • Yes, I feel that they are.

    Yes, the shareholders are receiving a fair price. In any merger, sacrifices need to be made by both sides, at least initially. Over time, this merger or buyout should prove beneficial to shareholders and other interest holders. A 2.6-billion dollar deal is nothing to sneeze at. Both Tesla and SolarCity are solid companies; now they're one large solid company!

  • SolarCity shareholders are not receiving a fair price

    SolarCity shareholders are not receiving a fair price from Tesla. Telse and SolarCity are owned by the same individual, Elon Musk. This creates inherent conflicts of interest. Although there is an independent committee set up, it is not clear that this ensured shareholders received a fair price. After all, the Board could have strong ties to Musk.

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