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  • We cannot control the lives of others.

    Making video games illegal is preposterous and akin to making music or movies illegal because people listen or watch too much. Video games are a part of daily life now and while some individuals play them to excess, most do not and all should not suffer because of a few.

  • People have a choice.

    If a person wants to, they are a free to drink themselves to death. If a person wants to, they are free to jump out of a plane. In the United States, people have freedoms. They can do what they want, even if it is bad for them. That means playing video games for days.

  • Playing too many video games should no be illegal

    There's no definite way to really decide how much is TOO much when it comes to something like video games. Anyway, playing video games is a personal decision and I don't believe is makes kids and young adults violent like some may believe. I do think somebody can play too many video games, but I think that is a family problem, and not something the law should get involved in.

  • Illegal is going too far

    We should educate people, especially children, about the dangers of playing video games too often. Making it actually illegal is going way overboard though. There are several things that are bad for us, such as eating poorly, that aren't actually illegal. That would involve some type of penalty and is out of bounds for the government to regulate.

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