Texas governor to cut funding to "sanctuary" campuses: Is this overreach?

  • Yes, the governor should not interfere with campus' decision to provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

    The governor is overreaching. After the election of Donald Trump, vulnerable undocumented people, including college students, are looking for safe spaces where they will not be harassed by the community or by government officials. The decision for colleges to provide these sanctuaries should not be contigent on whether the government "approves".

  • Yes, it's morally wrong to cut funding to these campuses.

    Yes, the Texas governor is wrong to cut funding to sanctuary campuses. These are institutions that focus on educating people regardless of their background. Whether the students are documented or undocumented, these places choose to be safe places for all people. To remove funding is an attack on human decency and brings our collective humanity down.

  • Yes, cutting funding to "sanctuary" campuses is overreach.

    Yes, cutting funding to "sanctuary" campuses is an example of executive overreach. Regardless of whether a campus receives funding from the government of the state where it's located, it should be able to make its own policies regarding the safety and security of its immigrant students. Cutting funding to these schools will only serve to harm their students.

  • Yes it has

    There's no reason to cut funding for public universities. It's ridiculous. It is however, reasonable for folks to be afraid under Trump's approaching regime. There should be a humane process for dealing with people not legally in this country, and it should involve deportation squads, especially for people who are just trying to get an education.

  • They broke the law.

    Because these individuals, however moral and decent they may be, came into this country illegally, they ought not to be entitled to educational aid from American institutions and especially the government, which has a duty to protect and serve American citizens. This is not some anti-immigrant or hateful policy -- if they wish to come to the United States, more power to them, but there are ways they can do it legally. In that case, they ought to be welcomed with open arms. Sanctuary campuses and cities are insults to the many legal immigrants in the United States, and serve to harbor people who are technically criminals under U.S. law.

  • Obviously not .

    The word 'over reaching' implies that he is exercising power which he does not have. But the governor does have the power and the responsibility to enforce the law. The government shouldn't be funding any campus's anyway, let alone ones who are aiding and abeding criminals who are here illegally.

  • The Government, Like an individual, can decide what to do with its own money

    The people here illegally are breaking laws. They are taking up resources from citizens. In the case of a college campus, this means a change in the student to teacher ratio, funds (especially financial aide and scholarship awards) being allocated to illegals instead of citizens, and a politicization of college campus life, leading to a demand for censored language and safe-spaces. The government, whether it be county, state, or federal, has a duty towards its own citizens, not to the citizens of another country. So when colleges are causing problems for Americans in order to get PC points and have something to talk about at the next upper-class elitist dinner party, the government has a moral duty to cut their funding.

  • They're here illegally.

    Hypothetically, your a single parent. Someone sneaks into your home and befriends one of your kids. Your child, knowing you will kick them out if you find them, hides them in their room and gives them things they buy with their allowance. To get this unwelcome guest out of your home, should you at least be allowed to cut your child's allowance?
    They are here ILLEGALLY. The schools are using our government's money to harbor a fugitives who belong in other countries. If your child is going to that school, the school has less funds to teach your child that belongs there to aid someone who does not.
    Look, if you want to aid people of foreign lands, by all means, send them your own money. In many of these countries, the money will go a lot farther so you may be able to fund twice as many, if not more, people to get an education or make a living.
    Look, if they want to get a U.S. education, there are legal ways they can do it. That is unless there is legal reasons why they should not be allowed in the country. Thing is, these ways require people to be documented and taxed like normal citizens. This is tax money that goes to the government that in turn sends funds to the school.

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