• Yes its so simple

    America is a country where any citizen can carry guns. That is quite dumb considering how it's not a third world country, if the American government only allow people with gun licenses to carry guns (like here In Australia) it could have been prevented as long as he wasn't in with the mafia or some sort of hit man he would not of had a gun to shoot people with

  • Yes, there could have been more done

    I think considering his past record with abuse against children's and the protection against abuse order, more needs to be done to protect the victims. When you have any record with violence you should be court mandated to go in for psychological testing, to try to see how much of a threat you are and what you could be capable of.

  • Yes, the deaths could have been prevented

    The Texas shooting tragedy could have been prevented with ease if at all there were proper legislations governing gun ownership. Though it is a constitutional right that any US citizen is allowed to own a firearm, with the number of gun deaths, the state should have enacted stringent laws and regulations to vet who is most eligible to own a firearm. Without such laws and regulations one can only expect to hear of such tragedies again in future.

  • No, just delayed

    I hate to have to state the obvious, but we are all going to die. The idea that somehow anyone's death is preventable is a clear indication of a psychological divorce from reality.

    Death can be delayed.
    A person's death, however, cannot be prevented.

    This is why the media storms surrounding these events are so pathetic. It is why the people who want to make banning or preventing particular ways to die (assault rifles, cancer, smoking, etc. ad nauseum) demonstrate the unreasonableness of their fears and their desires to control the behavior of others.

    Some suffering can be prevented or mitigated, and this is a better tack to take. I am not talking about the suffering of having someone we love die. That is pretty much guaranteed, unless we die before our loved ones, in which case one person's suffering has been traded for another's.

    Happier lives and lives with less suffering start with accepting and reveling in the human condition. This present opportunity to tell the people we love that we love them may never come again. Eschew the drive to control others, and make peace with the fact that we cannot control the world around us, including the reality that everything we love will eventually come to an end. Enjoy the present moment secure in the knowledge that it is valuable in large part precisely because we know it is fleeting.

    We all pay taxes, too.

  • Unstable Man Chose Murder

    Ronald Haskell had a history of being unstable, unfortunately, he was not incarcerated for his violent past deeds. His ex-wife and children were in hiding for good reason. The influence of our parents and families help us to develop our coping skills as children. Mr. Haskell's violent tendencies could have been rooted in his own upbringing. All of this is arguable and now a moot point. The Stay family has been murdered and there is no going back from there.

  • No way to prevent every tragedy

    It's easy to say after the fact that something could have been prevented. However, this man was determined to access this home and determined to kill. Without the police knowing the method and the day in advance, there wasn't anything they could do. Simply knowing that someone might be capable of a crime isn't enough to lock them up, and nothing short of that would have stopped him.

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