Text Your Vote: Did the Trump Campaign Create the Fake Text-Your-Vote Ads?

  • It's something only his campaign could dream up.

    I was so disgusted and disappointed to see those ads. Trump keeps on talking about how the election might be rigged and he's right, he's the one doing the rigging. It just goes to show that we all need to educate ourselves and those around us on our voting rights, no one who is eligible to vote should fall for this despicable stunts in the future.

  • I believe the Trump campaign was behind the Text Your Vote Ad

    While it hasn't been undeniably proven I think it is safe to assume that the Trump campaign is behind the Text Your Vote ad. I'm not quite sure what they wished to accomplish but if anything resembles voter fraud it would be the use of this bogus ad to generate false votes.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The calls from Trump about a "rigged election" were to cover just these activities. Look at their history. They specifically accuse others of doing what their is audio/video tape proving they themselves are and have been doing for a long time. It should be clear to any fair-minded, informed person that the only way repugnicans can win is by cheating.

  • No, the Trump campaign did not create the Fake Text-Your-Vote Ads.

    No, I do not believe that the Trump campaign created the Fake Text-Your-Vote Ads. These ads were obviously created by someone who is in strong favor of the republican party but I do not believe this campaign has anything to do with it. They call out all the dirty tricks the democrats have been trying so I find it hard to believe they would attempt one themselves.

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