TG- Is it right for a school to offer a trip that will be un-affordable for many parents?

Asked by: TGASOrr
  • On the fence!

    It is right because... Expensive trips offer better experiences than cheaper ones, and those who can afford these trips should be able to take part in these activities. People might not go on cheaper trips as they wound't be as good. If they were cheaper too many people would go on them.

    However, it isn't right because... Trips can be overpriced for what is available and it's not fair and the school/ company just want more money!

    E12 were undecided, but mainly agreed that there should be a variety of activities available for all students. #E12FTW

  • V6 and V10s opinion is...L

    The majority of both forms voted yes. They did this because if the school do not offer expensive trips others are missing out on the experiences. Additionally it was felt for all pupils that the school should offer a variety of expensive and inexpensive trips to give everyone an opportunity.

  • Provide the opportunity

    N6 thought that the trips should be offered and families can then decide whether they want to go on them or not. It wouldn't be right to take away the opportunity for some just because others can't afford it. Some wanted the school to pay (in an ideal world!) .

  • V1 and V8 think it is acceptable to offer trips to exotic and interesting locations even if the price may be high.

    Both groups felt that it was great to have the opportunity to save or fund raise to go somewhere that they would not ordinarily visit with their parents on a package holiday. However, they also appreciate that less expensive trips are on offer and gives parents the option to provide an experience of travelling with a group of peers to develop independence and their experience of other cultures.

  • Why not ?

    M01 had mixed views but the majority believe that it is fair because parents who work hard and earn money can afford to send their kids on these school trips and so should be able to. Whenever anyone has a child they should factor in expenses such as holidays. However, if the trip is educational rather than just being recreational then the money should be capped or poorer families supported so kids don't miss out on something that would enhance their education. Our only concern is that some of the poorer kids may never be able to go on holiday at all; shouldn't the school be able to help provide them with this opportunity? There should be a range of trips that give people the option of how much they pay.

  • Its unfair for the poorer families.

    Numbers will be small because only a few people can attend. It would also divide our school community. A lot of people would not be able to afford it. Just because a holiday is more expensive it doesn't mean that it will be better than a cheaper holiday. It could put pressure on the families because they would be trying to keep up with the more wealthier families.

  • M9: What's the problem?

    Pupils need to learn that you don't always get what you want in life and sometimes you have to accept that you can't do certain things. These trips are, for some, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and those that can afford to pay should be allowed to go.
    We believe that schools should instead aim to be inclusive for all students by offering a range of trips suitable for different budgets rather than just banning the expensive trips.

  • Opportunities for all

    N3 believe that it is ok for there to be very expensive trips for those who can afford it, so long as there are also less expensive trips so that everyone in school has the opportunity to experience things outside of school. Everyone should have the opportunity to take part in trips which widen their experience.

  • Why not ...

    If the trip is affordable for some students, then they should be offered the experience, if other students cant afford it, just throw away the letter... If everyone could afford it, then everyone would want to go and then the spaces would be filled up and many students would miss the chance to go on the trip and be upset. If you already know you cant go, then there's no point in you making a big deal out of it.

    The people who can afford it, deserve these opportunities because it is a good experience for them. Parents shouldn't feel pressured into sending their children on expensive trips, however, if the parents feel that they deserve it and the trip will benefit their work at school, then they should feel the need to save up to pay for the trip.

    If you don't care about the trip, then throw the letter away and move on with your life!

    Beth W

  • E5 says yes but offer other cheaper trips too!

    It's fair to offer big trips because some people want to go on them and it may be cheaper to send the child to go on a fantastic trip than the whole family going. There should be lots of cheaper shorter trips on offer too to ensure others get a chance to be a part of a rewarding trip.

  • Don't widen the disparity between rich and poor students

    As a student in an upper-middle class family, it would be unfair to see the kids who's parents are millionaires (or more) go on a certain trip to say, New York City to visit fancy art museums. And having kids who may be legitimately interested in art not be able to go because their parents aren't rich enough. They want to see it, and would enjoy it more.

  • Split opinion but it's just not fair

    It's not right for someone to miss out on what could be a the trip of a lifetime. We felt like it would be brilliant if there were some kind of trip related reward for hard working students, so that good behaviour could be rewarded. A difficult topic for us to discuss! (from M4 and M8)

  • M12 believe that....

    It is unfair because people who cannot afford to go on that trip feel that they are missing out on an opportunity. It may ruin friendships and create envy. Also not all of the school trips actually offer things that are valuable so it is unnecessary pressure on parents for no real gain.

  • You shouldn't leave people out based on their family income

    D12 were split on this - but overall believe that it is unfair for students to miss out on exciting opportunities and to feel left out from things their friends are doing just because their parents earn less money. It was suggested that more inexpensive trips should be offered. However, it was also argued that these experiences should be offered to give opportunities for those who can go.

  • Not the role of schools.

    This will only widen the gap between rich kids and poor kids, in terms of their experience gained. The disparity between the rich kids' learning opportunities and those of poor kids is wide enough, and schools should not further perpetrate this inequality with such a trip. Under the principle of treating every child equally, the school cannot do that.

    If there's a system in place to subsidies poor kids to go on these trips, though, then sure. My government does that, and thus I don't oppose the school offering certain trips that are affordable with subsidies. Personally, I never go on trips, so I don't really know how it works, but from what I can see, it's working fine.

  • Put the student experience first!

    While more expensive, exotic trips could be offered every few years, M11 felt that schools should typically offer more affordable trips. The UK and Europe (e.G. Barcelona!) offer great enrichment opportunities for students, so why not concentrate on less expensive trips in these areas? In addition, M11 also suggested that students could be surveyed about possible trips in advance in order to get the cost right for more families.

  • N10 says 'it's a tough one...'

    A show of hands brought a near 50/50 divide, with the no's just edging it. Those against were particularly concerned about the division that could be created, with a 'haves' and 'have not's' split.

    Having said all that, trips do provide opportunities for students that might never arise if they were not put on. Many students have benefitted from things like the ski trip, a tremendous opportunity. Without the school putting things like this on, students wouldn't have amazing memories that last for a lifetime.

  • You are filling innocent children with false hope!

    All of D2 agree that this is unfair (except for Louis!). Pupils from lower income backgrounds might get their hopes up to go on a trip but then they can't go as they can't afford it - it is unfair. Their CV will also be missing some vital elements, so they will be at a disadvantage when they leave school. Also, when the people who could afford to go on the trip come back, it is probably going to be their main topic of conversation, which will make the pupil feel even more left out. Schools should offer more affordable trips as well, so everyone can feel included, meaning children wouldn't miss out on important character building and life experiences just because of their family's income.

  • Mixed Views from E8

    We as a tutor group were split on this one. We believe that it's not fair because it can single certain people out who cant afford to go on the trip, if a lot of their friends can afford it then it can single them out. E8 also said they should just cut the prices to make them cheaper or offer an alternative school trip instead maybe somewhere . We should also offer more school trips to closer locations, such as Wales.

  • Schools need to offer trips that are available to a wider range of students.

    We think that if you have only a few people going on an expensive trip, only very few people benefit from the experiences offered. It is better to offer a more affordable trip that is accessible to more people, so that a greater range of pupils benefit from the opportunities. What is the point of having an expensive trip if no-one can go on it?

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