TGAS- Children do not need so many school holidays

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  • Balance is key

    M11 feel that students already work intensively during term time and need the chance to refresh themselves. Through the summer holidays, they are able to prepare themselves for the increased intensity of study in the year ahead. In addition, we feel that it is important to give students the chance to enjoy their childhoods before they have to think about the difficulties of adult life.

  • Behind the times

    Traditionally students were given 6 weeks holidays during August so that they could help out with the harvest on the farm (some of the older teachers will remember this!). By allowing students to have such a long break we are giving them an unrealistic impression of working life will be.

  • M3 D Forbes More is good

    Life is not and should not be all about work. Students need time to develop social skills, do things that have nothing to do with school work. What about practical life skills. What about time with our families and friends? And don't forget we need to catch up with our sleep!

  • D3 thinks.. We need time to ourselves and to relax!

    We need to have our summer holidays because we work through the year and deserve a long holiday where we can rest and relax. We have to do homework on weekends so we only really have a break during the holidays. The holidays also give us a chance to spend quality times with our friends and family.

  • TGAS at bottom of League Tables!!

    E3 feel TGAS is heading for disaster if our holidays are shortened. We would hit the headlines as our results plummet. If our holidays are shortened, we will not work as hard. We will be tired, moody and bored. We will not have the rest, stimulation and experiences the school holidays give us. Is this the future you want for our school?

  • We need a break.......

    V8 and V1 believe that the school holidays are not long enough as it is! Time is desperately needed to wind down and relax and we will then be better prepared for school when we return from the holiday. We believe that Ireland's 12 week holiday is the way to go!

  • Hands off our holidays!

    M2 see the holidays as time for students and teachers to recharge their batteries and refresh before the next half-term, term, or school year. They also said that it gives teachers a chance to do some marking - how thoughtful?! Year 10 pointed out that half-term gave them the chance to relax after the work towards and pressure of their two English Lit exams.

  • We need to be free!!

    Holidays are good as they relieve stress and anxiety. Teachers need them as much as we do! We want to enjoy the weather and get a tan. We need holidays during the summer - you complain if we are absent from school during term time for a holiday. We need breaks to revise and catch up on work. We feel for the teachers especially Miss James who has to work long hours so she deserves a break from all her hard work! D9 :)

  • We need more holidays!

    V6 - The more holidays the harder we will work because we would be more relaxed and less stressed out. We think we should have a week off every four weeks. Or we would rather do what they do in Ireland and have 3 months off in summer so that we can rest.

  • We need more rest

    We work really hard therefore we need more time to revise. We need time to go on holidays to relax. Teachers need time off to mark and plan and time for teachers to go on holiday to. Some student really don't like school and if holidays were reduced in would make them unhappy. Students need time for refreshments and give the mind time to rest. Everyone would benefit from it.

  • We all need a rest!

    V2 believe that students need a break from school and the pressure of exams. The holidays allow them to develop skills for example work placements and enjoy time with family and friends. V2 believe that if they are to enjoy their holidays there should not be any homework set either!!

  • Summer holidays serve many purposes.

    They are a great time to review what you've learnt the year before and to prepare for what you'll learn last year. I have spent many a summer doing such things. Younger children can also spend the summer doing meaningful activities like camping, drawing classes or whatnot. I have done these too.

    It's also a great time for exploring new hobbies, new academic disciplines and so on. Moreover, it gives you a chance to try out a summer job, which you cannot do in other times of the year without compromising your studies.

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