• It can be violent, but yes.

    1st of all, the punishment has to match with the crime, 2nd, going to prison can be wasting money(not in a bad way) and 3rd, we should be tough on crime. See, what would you think when a person had killed one of your family and the judge says you are free to go? That is ridiculous, isn't it? We need the death penalty because when we don't, people will continue to do that because they think it is okay. Now the reason because they give those punishments are because they have done something wrong. And they have to get what is right. If they had stolen a person's life, the person's human rights, I guess it is okay to steal their life, their human rights. Of course it is not good, but when we look at what we have done, they should have that. I am very sorry because when we look at this, it means that we are becoming a murderer but what can we do else? Also, going to prison can be wasting money. If there are 60 people in prison, it takes 1 million 3 thousand dollars to take care of them in 1 year. That is a lot of money. Now I really want to talk about a lot more, but for a reason I don't have a lot of time so I will end here, Please, PLEASE give your opinions and I will be glad to read it.
    P.S. Since I am a 13 year old Korean girl I could have mistakes so if there are I am very sorry...^^;

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