That by law, each citizen of Kentucky is required to bathe once each year: Isn't this a strange law?

  • The Kentucky law requiring baths is definitely a strange law.

    We have so many strange laws in this country, it is hard to tell how they came about. Some are leftovers from days long ago, like when indoor plumbing was not common. Others are just plain ridiculous. The really strange thing is that they are left on the books as laws to this day.

  • It is starange that the state would legislate people's bathing frequemcy.

    This law obviously dates back to a time when bathing was considered unhealthy and people often went for a year or more without bathing. People at the time believed that bathing opened up a person to a host of diseases, which may have some basis in fact. Bathers probably had little or no resistance to organisms found in the water with which they bathed and the opening of pores and removing a layer of dirt opened up their skin to variety of infectious organisms. Still, it is an odd thing for a state to legislate.

  • Yes it is a strange law.

    The law in Kentucky that requires each citizen to bathe once each year is very strange and laughable. What does it aim to achieve? conserve water or protect the melanin from wearing out? The skin is the biggest excretory organ in a human body, now, imagine the odor that will come out.

  • They need it.

    There is nothing wrong with requiring people to take a bath once a year. This was probably put into place to prevent the spread of disease. Also if people are going to congregate for public meetings, they should make sure they don't smell. Once a year isn't too much to ask.

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