That we regret the rise of the sharing economy (e.G. Airbnb)

Asked by: CassaBishop14
  • Big companies sharing data

    Sharing-economy businesses have an inherent information advantage, tracking their customers and choosing what information to share with users, regulators, and the public. That knowledge gap can be used to manipulate consumers and evade government scrutiny,In many cases, companies like Uber are the only ones in possession of the data that would be needed to determine if their platforms are behaving fairly—in Uber’s case, only the company has the information to verify it applies price increases consistently across passengers, or correctly times how long drivers wait for passengers before canceling a trip, or properly measures the rate at which drivers accept ride hails,

  • The sharing economy is all that is great about capitalism

    Through these innovations consumers can now get more for less. Furthermore, these innovations have allowed people to monetize assets that, previously, they could not. The old couple with extra rooms in their house can make money off of them. Areas that have no form of public transportation now have some sort of solution. Heck, I can watch one movie a day for $10 a month with movie pass.

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