• Yes, It has hurten itself along the way

    Feminism was in it for the money, Not for the progress. Study the movement a bit and just look at the Rockefeller plan. Not only that, But if all women on Earth were to be satisfied as they come at any time, They would still be looking for problems because is the movement's gasoline. Yes it's doing more harm than good

    It's dismotivating and disempowering young men of all cultures, Religions, Races, Economical backgrounds and abilities. Besides that, It's only created more "bad guys" and made women more confused of their place in society. The movement lost its credibility a long time ago.

  • Feminism is destroying manhood

    Feminism used to be a group of women of a good cause, Well it isn't anymore. Feminism is destroying men and is just making everything worse than it needs to be. Its sexist to open doors for women, Its sexist to show respect to a women, Manspreading/mansplaining, "Scout of America", Etc. Its all total crap and isn't helping anything in our society and is just dividing our country and people apart more than ever.

  • No it's not

    As a man i don't like discrimination. Just some bad women doesn't do enough harm equivalent to what the women did years or even centuries ago. Like Rosa parks, Hillary clinton did more contributions than harm. Again it depends on the person, Not the entire community. Don't blame the society. Blame some people.

  • Not necessarily so.

    As long as they make sure that they keep those huge strap on's nice and clean and well lubricated there shouldn't be any trouble. Those big butch ones really get their kicks with those thumping rear guard attacks and then like to position up for some cutie tongue action, Back and front.
    There's no harm in that at all.

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