THBT being street smart is better than being book smart

Asked by: rainbowland
  • You could be

    A genius, but if you had no life skills, you would be dead in a minute. You might know all this algebra, but if you didn't know not to accept things from people you don't know, you WILL die. And ya' know, death isn't good for, I don't know, YOUR HEALTH!

  • Have a good

    Balance of street smarts and book smarts is very important to thrive in our world. You can't get a good paying job without book smarts and a degree, but where you work and how you communicate with people in that environment can be greatly affected if you don't have street smarts. Knowing if someone is acting suspicious and being able to pick up on different cues is very helpful in all work environments. I'm not choosing street smarts over book smarts, I use book smarts for a lot of my decisions, but having only book smarts will not help you in day to day situations.

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