THBT Fox news has had a negative impact on US politics

  • Fox news has indeed had a negative impact on US politics

    By giving biased opinions and spreading conservative propaganda, It has become a rigorous extension of conservative Americans opinions. It has more power than the state let a lone the fact that it has the most viewers making it the most watched cable Television network. It uses this power for its own economic benefit at the expense of obstruction of democracy.

  • Because Right-wing news stations are limited, Fox News must cater to many people

    Of course, We could talk about how Tucker Carlson, And Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, And CO are absolute idiots who consistently fabricate information and have no problem in being hypocrites, But I believe this is an issue with the lack of right-leaning news stations. Because of academia, And the way education works, A majority of educated people lean to the left. (gee, I wonder why) Because of this, There is a vacancy on the right that can only be filled by FOX news. This essentially means they have a monopoly on influencing about 40% of the country. Now, Before the rise of Trumpism, This was not necessarily a problem, But because of the sudden increase in public, Acceptable right-wing polarization, And the resulting left-wing polarization, And the general increase in political tribalism overall, FOX news can basically say whatever they want, Call out whoever they want, And any defense will be seen as "the libs" getting "triggered. " Of course, This is only one factor, As Trumpism plays a definite role in the polarization of the parties and the attack on the media, But because of this monopoly, FOX news increasingly drives people away from believing mainstream media. This is fair, Due to the widening split, But still a negative effect that cannot be understated.

  • Other news sources do

    The Media is a branch of the Democrats. Due to brainwahsing the people and making blacks vote denocratic.

    Perfect example of bad media: Calling Kanye West a token negro because he klikes trump, Was that fox news, Sorry it was CNN. CNN is awful and fake news. Very bad no

  • Democrat Collusion Conspiracy and Corruption Exposed with NBC CBS CNN

    As Democrats we must admit that our conspiracy to illegally and immorally control the government at all costs to civil rights has been finally exposed by Fox news. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Blacks are for blacks. Feminists are for feminists. LGBTQ are for theirselves. Hispanics are for theirselves. Etc. . .

    We all know it. We are the most pro segregationists. We all use each other to get what we want. We all know it. None of us are patriots. All of us love to fight. We love love love war. We love power. All of us get off making others do what we want. Its a turn on. We love to dominate. We respect fight in our opponents and have to admit that Fox has removed the fake veneer of party unity and the party's desire to dominate and control people. We take pride in our illegal schemes behind the scenes to use the media, The government, Foreign governments etc. . . To have our way. It really makes us laugh behind closed doors. And laugh when the rest of America seems shocked.

  • Well. . . Not necessarily

    Yes, Fox has some bias news stories, But other news stations have it much worse. Sorry if it seems kinda. . . What's the word repetitive or unfair but CNN is one the most biased news platforms out there right now. Don Lemon had a pastor on the show once. This pastor had met with Donald Trump after the Baltimore turmoil (btw he was not racist in his comments of Baltimore. If you wanna debate go ahead and make an actual debate for that no comments debating). The pastor felt that Trump was not racist in his remarks. Don Lemon tried to make the pastor look dumb saying things like "I know it's hard to think that Trump isn't racist" (apologies if it isn't the exact quote but it's very close). The pastor held his ground and Lemon kept attacking the pastor, Questioning whether he condoned the "attacks" from Trump. This pastor worked very closely with Obama mind you, So it shows that Don Lemon's blind hatred of Donald Trump has no boundaries, Even if it shoves other people aside. CNN has fed into the liberal views, Just as FOX has fed into conservative views, Though FOX is much more moderate in its news. The reason it's so conservative now is because of how liberal other stations are. Sure two wrongs don't make a right, But FOX is not the only news station that has had a negative impact on U. S. Politics

  • No its small potatoes

    Fox news is biased just like the the liberal news. But only old people watch that news channel and they do what they always do.
    What really changed things were the controversial figures that made podcasts and went on radio and on the internet.
    It was those radical people who I shall not name that changed everything for the worst.
    It is this never ending cycle some radical person does or says something extreme that no rational person would do or say. Then there is outrage and backlash and then the news talks about it.
    Its free speech stop being a baby and the other side is that is wrong do this policy or do this.
    Those radical people should OD or go to jail and stop messing up everything. The 90s had no problems even the 80s were good.

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