THBT hate speech should be a crime: Should hate speech be censored for the good of society?

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  • How do people get this easily offended?

    I just don't understand how people get so injured by what someone says over the internet. Sure, I have all the emotions of a flatlining rock, and you could literally say anything to me over the internet and I'd barely bat an eye, but seriously. Words! Lines of black over a page! How is that hurtful? I could imagine the trauma caused by someone screeching in your face while shaking you back & forth, but that's less a case of what's being said and more HOW it's being conveyed- rather violently, very in-the-face and in a way that makes one feel small. Censoring this kind of thing only panders to those that feel offended by everything, and only harms our resilience to words even further.
    Back in the 50s you could make any joke you wanted. Nowadays, if it is even remotely demeaning, you will be attacked by the full force of the snowflake army who will proceed to- oh. They're just telling me to go kill myself. How cute.

  • No, speech should always be free.

    No, THBT hate speech should not be censored for the good of society, because speech should always be free. Unless a person threatens to hurt another, a person should be free to say whatever they want to. This is true even if what the person has to say is mean or offensive. A person has the right to speak their mind.

  • No, free speech is paramount.

    No, hate speech should not be censored for the good of society, because it would lead to other types of speech censorship. Being able to speak freely is critical to the good of society. Censoring speech would cause individuals to fear their government. Enforcement would largely be political. As much as speech can damage, not allowing it causes other, more severe problems.

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