THBT hate speech should be a crime: Should hate speech should be a crime

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  • First Amendment Protection

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual right to free speech. The only speech that requires protection is that which some people find objectionable, including hate speech. Unpopular opinions must be spoken in public and subject to judgment in the marketplace of ideas. No pure speech should be a crime.

  • Regulating Speech is Censorship

    When I was a little child I was taught to ignore what others have to say about me. I do not care what you might say about me. Why should I care? "Hate speech" is a loose definition for when someone says something you disagree with. We are wrong to try and regulate expression of a person. We already have laws that cover violence or inciting violence. Hate laws only make the law maker feel better. They do not stop any real wrong from happening to anyone. They only oppress self expression.

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