THBT water privatization in Africa is good: Should water be privatized in Africa?

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  • Privatizing Water is Harmful

    Privatizing water or any other necessary infrastructure is generally socially and economically harmful. Privatization of water puts something that is required for survival under the control of a for profit corporation that is only looking out for their bottom line and often raises the price so high that many cannot afford it. This leads to desperation and social problems, which could be avoided by leaving this important task in the hands of the government.

  • No, water is a necessity to life

    Water is a human right and is not meant to be manufactured for capitalistic means. The fact that developed, first-world countries charge its citizens to purchase water, something that is a necessity for living, is a farce in itself, but, for many African countries already plagued with drought, famine and minimal resources, the idea of privatizing water is ludicrous.

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