THBT We eliminate plea bargains from the criminal justice system

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  • Key for closing major amount of trials

    Ladies and gentlemen when we have a trial we must close them. According to the New York Times, 94% of trials end in plea bargains around the globe. Ladies and gentlemen that is a substantial amount. If we put it into the perspective of a civilization with no plea bargain, we would see that hundreds of more hours of court time added due to lawyers going back and forth until that last moment when the judge makes his final decision. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a hefty amount of time and money more for the governments to fund and will increase taxes putting the citizens at disadvantage. Why should we do so ladies and gentlemen. Now side proposition may argue that many of the principles of plea bargaining is corrupt. Ladies and gentlemen if there is no merit for the. Criminal, they will not choose to plead guilty. This will create more detriments for the jury and judges putting more money towards the court. Ladies and gentlemen, this will put more pressure on the economic factor by raising taxes. In an article named how taxes affect the economy, raising taxes will decrease revenue which will put the Canadian economy at an even worse state than it is right now.

  • Time is of the Essence

    Plea bargains are quick and would save a lot of time the fact that 90% of our trials are solved by plea bargains is crucial .Taking away Plea bargains would ultimately destroy Canada as we know it and Start suffering taking away plea bargains would be a crime. The courts would be overflowing with cases if we didn't have plea bargains.

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