• Leftist speech is dangerous

    Think about it; It is illegal to yell "Fire! " in a crowded building because it will invariably lead to people trampling on eachother in fear and people are likely to get hurt. It is illegal to make death threats. It is illegal to call for someone to be killed. Leftists threaten death and call for their enemies to be murdered all the time. While important to our political freedoms within this Nation the 1st Amendment does have its reasonable limits.

    Also, If you have ever studied history, Communist countries always become dictatorships where citizens are horribly oppressed, Starved, And murdered by the state. The modern democrat party OPENLY calls for the implementation of full-blown marxist communism. Should such an ideology riddled with bloodshed and misery be implemented in America, As some blue states already did, Then we will see the biggest free country in the world become a socialist dictatorship where you have no rights and are enslaved to the states, Your children will grow up not knowing what it's like to be free from government tyranny. It would the gravest moral faliure of America if we allowed the historically ignorant to paint socialism as a better system than our free republic.

  • This is the United States. This is not a Fascist regime!

    Everyone can say whatever they want. If it doesn't apply to Leftists, It would become a Fascist regime! Not only freedom of speech, But freedom of religion! And someone is trying to suspend them both for one side of the political spectrum. We all should practice whatever religion we want. Alright. I know that FormerLeftist says Democrats want to do bad things at times. Not all liberals want to do so! THey just want to change the world for the better! Suspending free speech and free religion for one side. FormerLeftist says that it makes communist dictatorships. They suspend free speech to people who disagree. That just turns this nation into a fascist nation!

  • 1st amendment rules

    Free speech belongs to everyone. When you limit speech to certain people it's no longer free speech. Indeed, Identifying leftists can only be done by their speech. Thus you are perhaps also banning a category of people, But also speech itself.

    Whatever the reason it is always incompatible with democracy and self government. A state that practices this heresy is properly tyranny.

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