The 2020 election was a farce and biden was not legitimately elected.

Asked by: Eldergod
  • There is a mountain of incontravertable evidence proving the assertion.

    Voting laws were illegally changed, Republicans were not allowed to observe counting, Windows were blocked, Observers were forced to be so far away they could see nothing, Ballots were destroyed, "glitches" flipped thousands of votes, Every "error was in bidens favor, The courts refused to view the evidence, We have video proof of fraud, Expert mathematicians and statisticians have shown that the numbers could not possibly occur naturally. . .

    I could go on and on and on, Www. Hereistheevidence. Com

  • There is nothing on earth that can convince me that that election was legitimate.

    I didn't really understand this year's election. If you added up the votes in Michigan, There were more votes than registered voters. There is a confirmed thing in the voting machines to make a democratic president win. Also, Many people who live near me have tracked their ballot, And it still has been counted. Our county was blue, But there is no way possible that that many people voted for Biden. There are all kinds of ballots found dumped in creeks, Or thrown in dumpsters- all with the name of Trump. A pipe bursts in Georgia, So Nevada must stop counting. None of it makes sense,

  • Biden is cheese

    Why? Fish is why. It is always why. Fish are just pure evil. Our president is the same. This is why he is cheese. Cheese is good, But also bad. Cheese is why I don't like my president becuase it is 2021 and i should hate something for a specific reason.

  • It is not a fraud, And all your "evidence" comes from random-ass homeless people.

    There is no EVIDENCE at ALL that the election was a fraud. Like how democrats said the last election was a fraud (2016), There was no evidence to prove it. Right now, Republicans are just pulling shit out of their asses. There is no evidence to prove this you have no evidence, And your "evidence" is a theory. I would like it if you sorted a source instead of saying you will but instead you don't even source it.

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