The 3 Workout Moves Emma Stone Does to Stay in Shape. Will this workout alone be enough to keep you in shape?

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  • No, this workout by itself will not be enough to stay in shape.

    This workout alone will not be enough to keep a person in shape. It would be used in combination with many other things to keep a person fit. The main ingredient to staying in shape is a proper diet. Many Americans these days have a terrible diet. Most of our meals come from take-out. Combining this workout with a proper diet including meals made at home, would go a long way towards staying in shape.

  • I'm not sure

    They are full body exercises which develop strength and use multiple muscle groups. I can't imagine that her entire workout could really consist solely of deadlifts, sled pulls and hip thrusts. But they are good exercises and I guess sled pulls have a cardio element. Anyway, I'm not a trainer, so I can't say for sure, but they sound like the core of a program, not a complete one.

  • No workout is enough.

    A workout isn't enough to keep you in shape, you need perseverance and you need to watch your diet. I would like to know what Emma Stone does to stay motivated day in and day out. That would help me and countless others to stay in shape. Physical health is largely a matter of sorting out your mental health as well.

  • Emma Stone's workout moves are not able to keep a person in shape.

    Physical fitness is a combination of many factors. It is accomplished through cardio and strength training. Three simple moves will not produce optimum fitness levels in any adult, but may be a starting point in keeping them toned and flexible. In order to stay in shape, an individual should perform at least 10-15 minutes of exercise a few times at week.

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