The adoption of the term enshrined as opposed to married is offensive the LBGT community?

Asked by: Feyerabend
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    Use of the term 'enshrined' is a mechanism to hide the reality of alternative sexual preferences,and vilifies LGBT marriage of within religious communities this is which is enshrined in the law of the United states.
    I realise that we do not draft Amish people, but this is a step to far refusing to offer a marital status when requested even to report enshrinement ceremonies is raising a snoop at the will of the people of the United States and its Judiciary.
    The next step will be that of seeking residency for non-US nationals to test the waters arguing for
    for equal treatment and access to the rights confirmed by marriage without registering church weddings as what they are marriages conferring reponsibilities in the eyes of the government.
    More worryingly it constitutes a dangerous and deliberate underminement of the notion of secular marriage.
    People should sincerely consider which is more important to them as Americans. Marry how you will do not deny your civic duty of reporting your marriage to the state.

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