The Amazon fire phone: Will we eventually buy everything on our phones?

  • We Already Can

    There is very little that we can't already buy on our phone, either through a designated app such as Amazons or through the browser when a computer isn't to hand. Even when transactions are not available on the phone itself, many places allow you to reserve items to pick directly up from a store. People want the ability to make decisions instantly, and using phones as tools for purchases is the obvious direction for stores which want to be successful.

  • Unfortunately, the answer is yes

    I don't like it and neither does anyone else, but it's going to happen inevitably. Were soon most likely going to have apps where you can buy stuff on, and then pick it up at the store. Our lives will soon be controlled by phones which has its advantages and disadvantages. We have to adapt to it instead of argue about it.

  • No, some items just have to be seen in person.

    No, while the trend toward digital shopping has been on an all but unstoppable run, there are still some items that must be seen to be purchased. I doubt many people will buy a car without driving it, or a major appliance without seeing how it works or a house without stepping foot in to it. Many things will be bought on our phones, but not literally everything.

  • Some things you have to touch.

    No, we will not eventually buy everything on our phones, because there will always be some things that you will want to see and touch in order to pick out the right thing. Furniture is a good example of that. You need to see how it looks. A wedding ring is another example.

  • No We Won't

    As a person that comes to hate big box, big retail, and big business more and more everyday I can assure you that all of us will not one day buy everything over our phones. Support your local business owners. They do more for your community than Amazon will ever consider.

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