The Amount of Doctor Who Polls on This Site is Too D@mn High!

Asked by: shaddamcorrinoIV
  • There is a such thing as too much Dr. Who

    Yes, there are too many Dr. Who polls on this website. But, we do have a right to say whatever we want on this website, and that is the beauty of debate. Now, I am not a fan of Dr. Who, nor am I a fan of soap operas, hereby nullifying your claim (sdneedham).

    P.S: Eating too much chocolate is actually hazardous to your health, and too much good weather insinuates a lack of rain, causing a drought.

    Posted by: RMB2
  • There is no such thing as too much Dr Who

    Anyone who says otherwise must surely be sheltered and in need of some culture infusion.
    Too much Dr Who is like saying too much chocolate, or too much good weather. In fact the only people I have met that don't like Dr Who are those who prefer the mind numbing input from American Soap operas (So named because you should wash yourself thoroughly with soap after watching them)

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