• They had to be white. Why would they lie about it in the movies.

    Its so obvious they were white. The Vikings were white, The Romans were white, The Victorians were white. So wouldn't the Ancient Egyptians be white. Its obvious they are. If we look at the movie 'Gods of Egypt' there is not a single black person in that movie, They are all pale white skin people therefore even hollywood knows they were white. So please prove me wrong then.

  • There is reason not to believe

    Europeans refused to believed that the pyramids could be built by people that they saw as inferior to themselves. There was a movement that believe Egyptians were white people who built those places and then left to go to Europe.
    And then there was some "evidence" when they found European DNA in an recovered bone over there. However it has been said that touching a old bone with your hand will leave more of your DNA than the old DNA there. With so many white archeologist maybe one of them touched the bone and contaminated the sample.
    Then some others did a DNA test and found that they were more related to Turkish people.
    It does not even makes sense. Why would people who knew geometry and wore makeup and had perfume devolve into Europeans who were running around naked and acting all barbaric. Even the Romans viewed Britain in a negative light.
    And look at that photo That Egyptian looks more middle eastern than white. Last I checked most white people got sunburns instead of tans.

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John-Q-Public says2020-09-08T16:10:29.787
Ok LibTurds, They Were Regionally Multi Cultural.
Egyptians were of a few Races of that region.
Where is the FACE Palm Emoji?

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