The Ant-Man movie has suffered many setbacks; have superhero movies become too difficult to film?

  • Ant-Man Sounds Dumb

    A super hero named Ant-man sounds rather dumb to me. With that being said there are so many established super heroes that it is extremely difficult to create new ones that will actually catch on with people. Another issue is the mass of movies featuring superheroes that have been re-created the last 5-10 years that I feel like we are at the end of the genre for a while as they are getting played out.

  • Super hero movies are too expensive

    Super hero movies have become too difficult to film. This is due to their increasingly ambitious production schemes, which are very expensive and logistically difficult. There are also too many superhero films in the market, which is tiring for viewers who prefer movies with more substance and a stronger story line.

  • Super Hero movies can be difficult to film

    Super Hero movies can be difficult to film. This is because so many injuries are possible. In addition, the graphics work is highly expensive. Also, people are getting so used to special effects and they are less impressed with action movies than they used to be. The film studios have to keep making more and more outlandish effects just to get an audience interested.

  • No, superhero movies have not become too difficult to film.

    The opinion of one movie should not affect an entire genre of films. In today's time, special effects can easily be added to enhance the quality and overall effect of film. Actors, actresses, and directors are plentiful, so people can always be found to get the job done. The success of superhero movies is too high to stop filming them.

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