The Arctic has lost nearly 95% of its old ice since 1984: Is it too late to reverse climate change?

  • Yes, climate change is irreversible

    It is impossible to reverse the effects of climate change.
    But we can impose environmental regulations to prevent it from becoming even worse. If we continue releasing fossil fuels the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps could melt, rising the world sea level by more than 3 metres, enough to flood major cities like New York, Shanghai and Amsterdam.

  • Yes, it is too late reverse climate change.

    The melting of The Arctic ice is one of the most obvious pieces of evidence that climate change exists. However, there are still too many people in power who deny it and claim it is a hoax. Climate change has been a concern for many decades now, and for the most part, nothing has been done to stop it from happening. Now we are seeing the results of this ignorance and unfortunately, any action now could be too late.

  • Yes, it is too late to reverse climate change.

    Yes, it is unfortunately too late to reverse climate change. The most urgent climate-related matter that world leaders need to grapple with is how to improve the efficiency of emergency responses who will deal with its effects, and how to shore up and create pieces of infrastructure such as flood walls.

  • Climate change is not irreversable

    Turning around the effect of climate change will not be easy. However, it is not impossible and if human actions are responsible for the problem, then human actions can reverse the problem. However, as it took generations to get to this point it will take generations to reverse the negative impact that humans have had on the climate.

  • No, i disagree.

    No, i disagree with this. It is not true to say that it is too late to reverse climate change. This is simply because nothing is so permanent. Though the Arctic has lost nearly 95% of its old ice since the year 1984, i believe that something can be done to deal with this.

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