The Arizona audit will lead to democrat voter fraud efforts being EXPOSED and Trump will be reinstated as our rightful President.

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Democrats committed voter fraud

    Democrats have been unsuccessfully trying to stop the Arizona recount. It is clear that they are trying to stop the truth from leaking out. There is already strong evidence from Project Veritas and independent investigative journalists of widespread election fraud committed by the democrats. Thousands of votes were switched from Trump to biden, Boxes full of ballots were thrown in rivers, Others were shredded. The left-owned media will never report the full story but more and more Americans are waking up to the truth that the election was STOLEN from Trump, And Americans are getting angry. The Arizona audit will be a BOMBSHELL against the democrats and will lead to more states conducting recounts and finding out that Trump won by historic margins. The fake news MSM will try so desperately to cover up the truth but it will be too late and Americans will know of the crime against this Country committed by the dems. This will lead to biden being deposed and Trump will be put back into the White House. Cry harder libs, Its over for you!

  • I say no

    I have been told it's conspiracies. There is a chance that they aren't, But I say no until someone gives me evidence for this voter fraud. And I am not saying just statements, I mean actual evidence, Proving the voter fraud. Until then, I think this will be a no.

  • Don't believe conspiracy theories

    You shouldn't believe those kind of far-fetched conspiracy theories.
    Trump was already unpopular, And more people wanted Biden. This is most likely an anti-Biden conspiracy. And also, I've noticed that the speaking techniques used is similar to flat-earther talk. Emphasizing points in their favour, For one. I, Personally, Am neutral, But it's obvious that this is exaggerated.

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