The assumption that everything needs a beginning and god not needing a beginning because he is "outside of time" is based on speculation.

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  • God is bunk.

    Of course it's speculation because he's fake as hell. The only reason that we put up with all these theist's blathering about God is because a lot of people believe in him. If these people were reduced to the amount of people that currently believe in the existence of elves, than we would just ignore them. Just because people believe in god doesn't mean that his made up existence holds any weight against science, empiricism or anything else for that matter. When it comes boiled down to it, his evidence for existing is that of unicorns, dragons and a whole myriad of mythical creatures.

  • I havent heard in good premises for it.

    Its retarded. I would expect the universe to have come from nothing (randomness) long before i would expect god to have come from nothing (randomness) as he is perfect in everyway and the universe is flawed. If we had a god all men would have known right from wrong so evil wouldnt be completely his fault. And those who have the ability to act when something is wrong have the responsibility to act. And god does nothing with his limitless powers? Yea ok. Its funny to hear christians talk about science while they believe all this came from nothing. And saying god can only do what is conceivably possible while he created all this from nothing. Yea that is real smart jack as

  • Out of necessity,

    Is more like it. This is because biblical scripture claimed it is true, so even though it defies any form of logic, it must be true for their sole source of belief to be valid to them.
    The whole idea that a god created time is self refuting. For anything to change, i.e. created, requires differences made over a period of time. Seeing that time is a factor in the creation of anything, that means time would have to exist before time existed. Clearly this is a contradictory statement so claiming god created time refutes itself.
    Because of the belief that their god was needed to create, begs the question that if everything needs to be created, what created the god. Because this can not be answered without contradicting itself, they claim that their rule of logic does not apply to their god. If we are to use the same logic, we could say that the universe, in some form, always existed and it created the god. Logically, it is more likely that mankind invented gods to explain what they did not know at the time. This is why the gods they believed in tended to reflect the region of people in many ways and why they are not consistent around the globe.

  • Not speculation at all.

    There are only two options that someone can believe that has eternally existed. Those two options are either God or the universe. Famous agnostic Bertrand Russell presented this dilemma: "Either the world had a beginning, or it did not. If it did not need a cause(God). If it did, we can ask, "Who caused God?" But if God has a cause, he is not God. In either case, we do not at a first uncaused cause(God). The answer to this tough question is that it too, asks a meaningless question: Who made God? To put it another way, it wrongly assumes that "everything must have a cause" when what is claimed is that "everything that had a beginning had a cause." This is a quite different matter. Of course, everything that had a beginning had a beginner. Nothing can not make something.

    We now know scientifically that the universe had a beginning. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the universe is running out of usable energy. But if the universe is running down, it can not be eternal. Otherwise, it would have run down completely by now. While you can never run out of unlimited amount of energy, it does not take forever to run out of a limited amount of energy. Hence, the universe must have had a beginning. In short, the universe had a beginning. And whatever had a beginning must have a beginner. Therefore, the universe must have had a beginner(God).

    Peace :)

    Hope this helps.

  • I'm tired of opinions like this that simply Mock Christianity.

    If you don't want to believe in God, then that's fine, but it is perfectly rational to believe that God did not need a beginning because everything had to come from something. Spontaneous Combustion of animals was disproved centuries ago, so for people to argue that the spontaneous creation of a universe is possible without anything to create it is just ludicrous. Please respond in a kind manner and focus on the opinion, not mocking God.

  • What we don't know

    What we don't know about god or an entity in my opinion is not important. Bottom line is, it's all based on faith if your a believer. The human race dilemma is all of our negative traits and character flaws. My question is that if so many can have blind faith in the entity of there choice, why then can't mankind devote that same energy towards itself? I'm sorry if this sounds over simplified, but what exactly is wrong with the whole of the human race being mother Theresa

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Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-28T04:28:25.010
No matter how much lore, music, art, people you convert, laws created in the honor of his supposed commands it DOES NOT make him any more real than a Luke Skywalker or Frodo.