The Australian Parliament has legalized the use of medical marijuana. Should recreational marijuana be legalized as well?

  • At this point, it makes more sense

    It seems more likely to me that the full legalization of marijuana could go a long way to quell drug trafficking internationally. Legalization would allow governments to regulate and tax all of the cannibis they sell. That would mean the government can take in revenue in similar fashion to the way it does with alcohol and cigarettes. That money can be used to manage abuse more effectively and from a medical perspective rather than a legal one.

  • Marijuana should be universally legalized.

    Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Marijuana is on the same level as alcohol as far as the impairment. It should be regulated for recreational use just like alcohol is regulated. There should be a minimum amount set for blood level. Many people have no problem functioning while using marijuana.

  • If well-regulated, I don't see why not

    I support the marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Research has shown that it probably isn't as harmful as many people think, especially when rules and regulations regarding the growing and selling are enforced. These rules ensure that the marijuana is safe to consume and doesn't contain any harmful ingredients or additives you might find in street drugs. In addition, the revenue benefits would be enormous if the government were regulating and taxing the sales.

  • Recreational marijuana should be legalized

    The Australian Parliament should also legalize recreational marijuana. It has already made the use of medical marijuana legal. There are too many overdoses from marijuana being laced with something else. Legalizing it would allow the government to regulate the content and its usage. For instance, it could be restricted to those over a certain age.

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