The average Buzzfeed article is written at only a 4th grade level. Should it try to raise the standard?

  • Yes Buzz feed should have a higher standard

    Buzz feed may be a fun ,and silly site ,but even though for these labeling it is still a article ,and should be treated at a higher standard. We need to learn to be able to read and have some good punctuation,but in a digital service they should be able to proof read themselves that. They should improve there standard to increase more intelligent people that can give Buzz feed at least a site not filled with 4th graders.

  • Yes, it should try to raise the standard.

    Yes, it should try to raise the standard because there is no reason the average reader should be subjected to poorly written prose. At the same time, it should be easy to read for everyone. Perhaps a sixth or seventh grade level would benefit everyone since it would be more well written.

  • Yes, it should raise the standard.

    Yes, Buzzfeed articles should be written at a higher level. The standard should be raised. Instead of writing Buzzfeed articles at a 4th grade level, the authors should write them at a 7th grade level. The majority of people can understand 7th-grade level writing. This would make the articles more intelligent and interesting.

  • Buzzfeed is meant to be for fun.

    Buzzfeed is a fun and silly site that people visit for vacuous celebrity gossip, time-wasting quizzes and photo stories of cute animals with funny captions. There is no need for it to raise its intellectual standards or adopt more difficult language as the primary purpose of the site is far from intellectual.

  • No, Buzzfeed articles should not try to raise their writing standard.

    The average Buzzfeed article is written at a 4th grade level for good reason. The audience of the articles are not a demographic group who cares to read at a higher standard and are happy with the current level. If Buzzfeed were to raise their standard, they would risk losing part of their audience.

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