• Yes, I think Lauren B is a great match.

    Caila is a little to wishy-washy, JoJo seems like a super great best friend that you'd hang out and drink with and I don't see the chemistry at all with Amanda. Lauren B and he seem great together. Lauren B is a great match...she seems to be the most mature girl in the bunch.

  • Following his Heart

    Not knowing if he can ever find love is how Ben's journey began. Fast forward a few months later and he cannot picture his life without Lauren. While time will tell if he made the correct decision, he has followed his heart. The fact that Ben decided to propose again in a more traditional fashion, with Laurens family in toe, only suggests how strong his love is for her.

  • Ben got his paycheck.

    The entire point of the Bachelor is for a man to pick out a wife out of a herd of vapid women for ratings. Considering how interested the world is in his choice, not caring in the slightest how hurt the other woman was, it was obviously a ratings winner. Whether or not they actually make it down the aisle still remains to be seen.

  • The wrong choice

    Lauren was being very mean to Jo Jo, for example she was calling her swear words that I will not repeat, whilst Jo Jo was trying to be very nice to Lauren. Ben should have chosen Jo Jo because of that. That is why I think Ben made the wrong decision.

  • No No No

    No Ben is a whore…. This show is sad and pathetic because guys and girls go on the show and make out with too many people at the same time. THE SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE THAT COULDN'T FIND A PERSON IN THE REAL WORLD AND NEEDED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!!! LIKE WHAT

  • He screwed up

    He totally should of been all over JoJo she was the total package. There's no doubt that she was way more accomplished and was definitely way more attractive. I think down the road he'll regret his decision and eventually try to get with JoJo. That would be a reality tv type ending.

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