The 'Bachelor' is still a bachelor: Are you surprised at the breakup of farmer Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff?

  • The Bachelor breakup is unexpected, especially this soon

    Although I was skeptical about how well Whitney would adapt to life in Iowa, I expected the couple to stay together due to their strong love and devotion. I certainly expected them to last longer than 6 months, especially after all of the effort leading up to the point of being engaged. Although from different worlds, I expected Chris and Whitney's strong bond to carry them through.

  • Faux Fairy Tale

    Not Surprised. The Bachelor is a modern day faux fairy tale perpetuating the dysfunctional Disney dream. It's time for society to realize that losing your shoe at midnight does not cause a prince to provide happily forever after; it simply means you're drunk and ultimately bound for a splitting hangover.

  • No, the demise of the Bachelor couple is no shocker.

    When you reflect on how many airings of the 'Bachelor' and the 'Bachelorette' we have watched and then look back at how many final couples have actually successfully built a life together, it is no surprise at all that Prince Farming and his princess did not end up ruling the kingdom of "happy" together.

  • No surprise that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are broken up.

    The show the Bachelor seems to be more interested in viewing audiences than in making real substantial relationships happen. It is not surprise that the pair have decided to split after the show is over. It would be hard to get to know someone in that amount of time enough to say you want to be with them forever.

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