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  • No, two bacheloretters are not a good idea

    I don't think that having two bachelorettes is a good idea. When the guys were introduced to them it was super awkward and uncomfortable to watch. It sounded like a good idea but in execution it failed. In a way, it is a bit degrading, but I'm not the big fan of the show anyway.

  • The show is a bad idea

    This and the bachelor are the dumbest shows ever and its sad our country is so into them. What is remotely beleivable about some smoking hot professional woman who just can't get a boyfriend in her life yet over the course of 2 months meets like 10 guys who are fighting to marry here, the whole idea is absurd.

  • No, it is not a good idea to have two bachelorettes.

    It is unfair to the women to have to compete for the mens' attention. The fact that the women have to try to convince the men to choose one of them to continue on as the only bachelorette is demeaning and not in keeping with the original intent of the show. In the history of the show, there has never been more than one bachelorette. The very title of the show, "The Bachelorette," is singular, which implies one main bachelorette, not more than one. Therefore, there should only be one bachelorette.

  • One is bad enough

    One is bad enough. This show undermines the reality of romance and what is involved in a committed relationship. Two bachelorettes would be worse be worse because it is double the trash TV aspects. I think there should be more emphasis on real love in our society than "reality" love.

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