The Baltimore Riot: Has CNN's coverage of the event been too repetitive?

  • CNN's coverage of the Baltimore Riots has been too repetative.

    I do believe that a large reason why the riots continue is because of the media's involvement. If the media were to be cut off, the riots would die down because the rioters would not be getting attention. I do not believe that CNN cares what is going on, they just want their ratings up.

  • Yes, CNN's coverage of the Baltimore riot been too repetitive.

    CNN's coverage of the Baltimore riot been too repetitive. The riot already received enough national attention. While it is good to keep people updated of this important event, repeatedly reporting on the details of the riot leads CNN to miss the bigger picture. Instead, CNN should focuses more on solutions and addresses some of the ways we as a nation can alleviate tensions between the police force and the African American community.

  • CNN loves sensationalism

    CNN loves sensationalism, even when they have to use the same footage over and over again. And this is what they do. Because there are only so many incredible camera shots a crew can take, a network will just use it repeatedly to try to keep audiences hooked. Eventually people just change the channel with such tactics.

  • Yes, CNN should stop showing coverage of the outraged mother who beat her son.

    Yes, with regard to the Baltimore riot, it is important to see news of possible resolution, increased violence, police issues and government perspective, but CNN keeps showing news of the mother who was recorded beating her son for looting during the riot. I believe that one report of this was sufficient and I am looking forward to more real news regarding Baltimore rioting.

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