The bending iPhone: Do you believe that the new iPhone 6 plus will really bend?

  • Plenty Of Proof

    I don't have to believe that it will really bend. There's already plenty of evidence on the Internet that shows the phone bending and breaking because of it. Apple didn't spend enough time on the quality checks for this new release and quite frankly for the price they need to fix the problem. Pronto!

  • iPhone 6 bends

    Yes I do believe that the new iPhone six will really bend. I do not think that people would make that up and claim that it will bend if it does not. I have also seen pictures and videos of people trying or attempting to bend it and they can not all be fake.

  • Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus does bend

    Yes, I agree that I iPhone 6 Plus does really bend due to its size, the thinness of the case and the case material, in this case aluminium which is naturally soft. This combined with the length and thinness of the phone is one of the main issues effecting its flexability

  • Possibly but probably not

    There is so much technology that goes into these phones, I really don't see how the phone would bend without damaging the internal mechanisms. If it really is bending then they really have some work to do on these things, and they should probably do a recall and repair whats going on.

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