• The Bible Condones Slavery.

    Just read Exodus 21. The Bible states clearly how you can own slaves, How you can keep your spaces for life and pass them to your children, And how you can treat your slaves. As Exodus 21:2 says, ““When you buy a Hebrew slave, He shall serve six years, And in the seventh he shall go out free, For nothing. ”, You can clearly purchase slaves. The verses after this explain how you can trick the Slavery into being your slave for life. As for treating your slaves, Just read Exodus 21:20-21 "When a man strikes his slave, Male or female, With a rod and the slave dies under his hand, He shall be avenged. “But if the slave survives a day or two, He is not to be avenged, For the slave is his money. ”

  • Slavery is Slavery

    Everyone who wants to defend the bible with horse crap like slavery was different back then or that being a slave was normal back then can honestly suck it, The bible is disturbingly specific on who you can own as slaves, How you can beat your slaves as long as they don't die, And even how you can sell your daughter into slavery as payment.

  • Second and First Reading

    The second and first readings are always quite negative and this is true as the talk of slavery is not ethical. The point of the Church is to show light into the word. The purpose of the church is not to promote slavery but spread goodness into our good world!

  • To its shame

    The bible is the tale of a cruel backwards tribe of hebrews, No offense everyone was backwards then thats the point maybe for the time the rules were a form of advancement from lawless ness, But these rules and laws are so cruel and backwards i dare say the book should be banned for the bad ideas it gives the feeble of mind

  • It doesn't matter.

    Jews are allowed to have slaves. Most of the American slave owners were Jews. Most of the slave ships for the transatlantic slave trade were operated and owned by Jews. Most of the European slave trade were systematically Jewish in nature. When Israel needs to protect its borders American Jews in foreign policy dictates which Arab nation to destabilize. Destabilization allows open air prisons and slave markets to go unchecked. The Bible or Quran or Talmud all have some form of instruction and laws concerning slavery. The modern form of slavery is wage slavery or debt slavery. You work for companies by Jews and buy products from those companies. You use banks created by Jews and exchange currency printed as worthless paper by Jews and buy products from those networks of companies. The fact that you are OK with this would mean you would have been OK with biblical slavery if you were to live in their times. A medieval bronze age anthology is virtually meaningless and harmless in comparison to what the average citizen must endure.

  • The Bible does not condone slavery.

    Slavery was never a part of God's plan for humanity. The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22:39) and to "consider others better than yourselves" (Phil. 2:3). If we all loved each other in that way, Slavery would not thrive. A loving person will not capture or kidnap people, Lock them up, Force them to do work, Etc. Kidnapping, In the OT, Is a sin that carried the death penalty. (see Exodus 21:16 and Deut. 24:7). Also, Buying and selling of slaves is condemned (see 1 Tim. 1:8-10). In biblical times people could sell THEMSELVES to be servants to others to pay off debts (Leviticus 25:39), Which was common. God gave the Israelites instructions regarding the treatment of "slaves": instructions for how to protect and help them, Not to harm them. For example see Deut. 23:16 that says not to mistreat a slave. Christian activists led the fight to eradicate slavery in America and England long ago, And Christians are on the front lines today to abolish the sex slave trade.

  • Only someone who hasn't read the Bible would believe this myth.

    To begin with, We need to first understand that the Bible was not written in English. As a result, The very words that you see in the Bible may have a slightly different meaning, However, The "big picture" remains the same, Maintaining the integrity of the Bible as a whole. Now in reference to the verses most often quoted as condoning slavery, Ephesians 6:5, Colossians 3:22, 1 Peter 2:18, To translate them purely, We would get english words closer to servant/bondservant, Rather than slave. If we look at the meaning of these words, Neither of them truly translates to slave. Similarly, In the New Testament, We see Paul instructing Onesimus to release his slave.

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