The Bible teaches that Adam of the Bible is God Himself, not all of mankind! So are 99.9% of all religions wrong?

Asked by: telisw37
  • Adam was is God not mankind.

    Joh_1:1, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    Joh_1:2, The same was in the beginning with God.
    Joh_1:3, All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
    Joh_1:4, In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

  • Adam was not God.

    Even as a nonbeliever, I simply don't understand where telis is getting this idea he promotes. Genesis clearly states that Adam sinned by eating from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, which is telling of Yahweh's nature to begin with. Genesis also states that Adam was punished by God as a result of his actions. So, by telis' logic, God is a sinner.

  • Think in logical terms and spiritual if you will.

    Technically the bible says god is in all of us but we are created in his image. If god is all of us then that makes Adam, you, and I god. But according to the bible, it refers to Adam as a human being and god as a superior deity who is also perceived as a person such as a human being. When we say god is a male or that god is anything closely related to human beings like when we say he has opinions of his own that seem to be human thoughts, this creates controversy. We (people who wrote the bible) basically say god is above us humans on earth and is a deity but also a human being because he created us in his image. You can perceive whatever you want but in reality and logic or even spiritual terms, it seems as if we created god in our image, this is the same controversy that is in this particular debate. Yet the way the bible goes about everything they don't seem to make Adam out to truly be god. They make them seem as if adam is a human and god is a deity. Yet all religion does create controversy and there is a reason why they can't be proven, whether it be because that's what the power of faith or belief is supposed to be like or because the reason may be the proposition that all religion is not what it is made out to be to people like you and I.

  • Adam was not God.

    Luke 3:38 is simply part of the genealogy of Joseph. When the Bible says that Adam is the son of God it is not literal, God created Adam, therefore Adam had no father. When people get saved they are refereed to as a son or daughter of God. This does not mean that we are God. John chapter 1 is not evidence for your case. John 1 is referring to God not Adam.

  • No, 100 percent are wrong.

    I am an atheist and I believe that all religions and all interpretations of them are likely wrong. I have no reason to believe that the Adam and Eve story is true. Healthy skepticism and the desire to question the things you have been told or have read can go a long way in determining if something might be plausible or not.

  • It is clear that Christ and Adam are two different people.

    Telis' argument is based on total ignorance of the Bible. Romans 5:12-15 makes it abundantly clear that Jesus and Adam are two different people: "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned—To be sure, sin was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not charged against anyone’s account where there is no law. Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who is a pattern of the one to come. But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!"

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Citation needed.