The Big Bang Theory: Can we ever be completely sure how the universe began?

  • God is The Creator. No Question About It.

    I believe with all my heart, soul, mind, strength and spirit that God is the one who created everything that exists. God creates, but God is uncreated. Because of man's twisted nature, we try to the suppose that we create ourselves only and are not made by an uncreated God, but that we do the absolute impossible, that being evolving from a pile of ooze, going from many different types of animals to our human existence now. Virtually impossible and foolish.

    As to the Big Bang Theory, I do believe that the whole theory is credible, and there now is potential proof of a potential Big Bang that happened millions of years ago. So I think the theory is credible, but the main thing here is that an uncreated God created everything that exists, and that nothing ever evolved from different animals and things over a period of millions of years. Yes, the Bible does allow for micro-evolution, i.e. adaptations and growth of mammals, animals and humans to certain environments, but to cite macro-biological evolution as the reason why we are here is straight up wrong, foolish, and, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of illegitimacy and illegitimate thought.

  • It is only a matter of time.

    With the rate that technology and scientific discovery is advancing, it is only a matter of time before we fully understand the beginning of the universe. Many things that were mysteries in the past have since been explained by science and the beginning of the universe is no different. It may not be this year, next year, or 100 years from now, but eventually we will have a much better understanding of the beginning of the universe.

  • Science is the way of the world

    We've learned more about the universe in the last 300 years than we have ever learned in our entire 200,000 year existence as humans. This means science has gotten to the point where it is growing exponentially. New and amazing advancements to technology are surfacing every day. Who knows what science will be able to tell us about the universe in 5-30 years.

  • We can not know what advances the future may hold.

    We are constantly coming up with better technology that helps us understand the past. We were able to discover that the Big Bang happened! There is no telling what discoveries can be made in the future. Who knows, maybe we will find out that something happened before the Big Bang. We just have to look for new technology and amazing discoveries.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Yes. Everything is connected

    Everything in this world and universe is 100% logical. It is rational and laws in how matter operates. With this being true. Everything can be explained. It may take another million years for us to develop enough intelligence. It will happen. There is lots we have not discovered or even understand yet. Day by day we become a bit more wiser.

  • Knowledge (with certainty) is impossible.

    The noumenal realm is unknowable, for we can't even know for sure if the world we perceive is the same as the world as it actually is. We can never know if our instruments are giving us accurate data, and we can never know if we have the full story. Scientific realism is just as much a belief as any religion.
    It's impossible to be certain about anything in the universe (sans your own existence, thanks Descartes), let alone how it began.

  • We just don't know.

    No, we cannot ever be completely sure how the universe began, because God does not speak to us in English. I find it incredible to think that there was not a creator. There is too much order in the universe. The universe is amazing. But God will not tell us exactly what he did, so we can't be sure.

  • I don't believe

    Because the world is created by Allah and we know it from Qur'an . The world was created by Allah in 7 day . Not by big bang stupid theory . So i don't believe that the universe was started by the big bang theory ... ;;; ;; ;; ;; ;

  • Can't know for sure

    There's no positive way to know, unless we invent time travel and go back to the beginning of the universe, but will probably never happen. There may be a lot of evidence that we discover to support the Big Bang or the creation of the universe by a God, but there will never be 100% evidence.

  • Science is never perfect

    Science is never perfect. It is constantly being reworked, improved upon, and revised as we gain more knowledge and evidence.
    Science, including the Big Bang theory, is not completely set in stone. It is continually being tweaked even today. Sure, it's the best explanation we have, but to set our minds on it breeds ignorance as does with many Biblical fundamentalists.

    We will probably never have a full understanding of how the universe began. However, we can try to learn as much as we can about it.

  • Who really knows?

    The Big Bang theory is a conceptual model with big holes in it. We just don't know for sure. The theory is plausible, but not absolute. God could have created it. Allah could have created it. Any creator, from a religious perspective, could have created it. It depends on what you believe.

  • You can't be sure.

    No matter how far we advance in science, we will never be able to bypass the scientific method itself. Something must be observable, repeatable, and demonstrable for it to be a fact. Since the big bang was none of these things, the answer is a resounding and specifically clear no.

  • The Big Bang Theory

    No not even according to The Big Bang Theory can we ever be completely sure how the universe began. We have to go back a very long way to ever get the answer to those questions and I dont think we will ever have the means to be able to do that.

  • We can not and will not be sure.

    There is no proof when it comes to the origin. Not even the big bang is certain. It's the most common and plausible reason, but we cannot calculate ourselves all the way to the bb. A few fractions of a microseconds from the beginning all natural laws seem to break down meaning we can never fully be sure what happened before that, we can only guess based on what we already deducted. So there isn't a surefire path. Not in my opinion

  • No, We Cannopt Ever be 100% Sure of How the Earth Began

    We cannot be completely sure of how the universe began because science is continually discovering new things and creating new tools that enable us to view the world in different ways. Discoveries are constantly being made which help us better understand how the universe was created and what happened. That being said, there is great evidence to prove the Big Band did start the world and evidence leads us to be very close to being sure that this is how the world began.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-21T03:12:22.157
Nope, you can never be sure of something that might have happened 5 billion years ago.