The bloody history behind lowering flags to half-staff is, "a sign of death": Do you think this has changed to signify "Division" instead?

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  • I don't believe lowering a flag to half staff signifies division.

    Lowering of the flag is a gesture of loss. While the history of this gesture can be unclear sometimes it represents loss and should not be perceived as a sign of division. It can conjure up images of sorry and death but should be seen as a sign of respect and appreciation to the loss.

  • I don't think so

    Mostly when we see a flag at half-staff, we assume there's been a death or several, and that's a pretty universal assumption. It's another story, if for example the flag at half mast is a Confederate flag, or the flag of a hate group or country that has invaded another.

  • It means honor today.

    While lowering a flag to half staff might have meant blood in the past, today it is a sign of mourning. A person has to have had a wonderful story and contributed in society in order to have flags lowered to half staff for her. It is a sign of respect and memory to a great person.

  • Half-staff flags are a sign of death

    Flying the flag at half staff is a symbol of death and a way to honor those who have lost their lives. It is not and never will be a sign of division. Although there are some people who would like to change the meaning of flying a flag at half staff, it will always be a show of respect for the deceased.

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