The brief, fearless life of Yordano Ventura, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Are more of our sports players dying at a young age?

  • Growing confidence and arrogance are reasons why athletes die earlier

    This is all about young players below age 30. 3 players that help me out with this argument are Tommy Hanson, Jose Fernandez and Oscar Taveras who died due to drug consumption. These players were all under 30. Adenhart and Ventura were under 25. That is my argument for premature death reoccurring constantly in sports.

  • Yes more of our sports players are dying at a young age.

    Many young athletes are dying young.There are a variety of reasons for this. One is that they cannot cope with the fast lifestyle and pressures. They often turn to drugs and this leads to many premature deaths.Many young sports players have lots of money and they do not know how to spend it properly.

  • No, more of our sports players are not dying at a young age.

    No, more of our sports players are not dying at a young age, in my opinion. Sports players are dying at the same rate as anyone else is dying. It's what will happen to all of us someday and it's not something that we can prevent. However, sports players are likely to die earlier in general. That doesn't necessarily mean more of them are dying, nor that they are dying at a rapid pace. Sports players know the risks before they take on the sport and one of those risks is dying at a young age.

  • RIP, Ace Ventura

    Sadly, Yordano Ventura's death was because he decided to drive while intoxicated. The combination of lax drunk driving laws in the Dominican Republic and a young star with a lot of money proved too much temptation for him. This is especially sad because just a couple years ago one of Ventura's best friends died in the same way. If only he had learned. I loved watching Ventura pitch for my Royals, and the 2017 season will be missing more than just his presence on the mound. RIP, Ace. :(

  • Not very many sports players die young.

    Many sports players are injured every year. It can easily happen. What doesn't seem like a dangerous sport can be turned into one. I don't think that there are a whole lot of deaths though. If anything the padding and gear could be updated to make players more safe. It's tragic when someone dies, but honestly we could die at any moment from literally anything. I don't think sports should be cancelled because of a death. If we cancelled everything because of deaths we would literally have nothing to do and wouldn't even be driving because there are also many car accidents.

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