The brothers of reality TV star Toya Wright were found fatally shot in New Orleans. Were they specifically targeted?

  • Yes, they were.

    Both of her brothers were shot, which indicates that they were target due to their connection to her or becasue they were participating in an activity that made them targets. Either way, they were not victims of a random act of violence. It was deliberate and intentional, and it is possble she knows why.

  • Yes, Toya Wright's brothers were specifically targeted.

    The untimely deaths of Toya Wright's brothers is likely the result of targeting by gang members. The specific reasons for the shooting have not yet been revealed, but the circumstances point to a targeted homicide carried out by people with some sort of grudge against the brothers. It is another example of gang violence that is out of control in America.

  • It's not likely

    Toya Wright isn't exactly an A-list celebrity, and as such, her brothers aren't even close to that level of notoriety. The level of media saturation these days increases the likelyhood that someone is tangentially connected to a celebrity, and given the crime rate in New Orleans, it would be presumptuous to assume the killings were anything other than a coincidence.

  • Deaths of Toya Wright's brothers not connected to her

    The police have not named any suspects or possible motives in the shooting deaths of Toya Wright's two brothers. They both died of gunshot wounds and were found sitting in a car early Sunday morning. It is too soon in the investigation to know what led to the shooting, but there is not indication it had anything to do with Toya Wright.

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