• Family feuds often begin with major life changes

    Bruce Jenner's confession that he has long lived what he felt was a lie has shocked many people, and it's easy to imagine his family was the most shocked of all. Unexpected revelations such as Jenner's announcement often cause families to split into warring factions - those who support the newly proclaimed trans gender individual and those who do not. Such fault lines often widen over time as both sides dig in to their positions. Many times other family issues are drawn into they fray as the warring factions air personal grievances. It remains to be seen if Jenner's family will experience such a feud. If they do, it should not come s a surprise.

  • Kardashian Controversy Ensuing

    I think this could definitely cause issue in the Kardashian/Jenner household. Although I don't believe the Kardashians are transphobic, it is quite a big change in their lives. Even though we shouldn't be that concerned with the Kardashians, since they aren't doing anything that important anyways. The media shouldn't even be that focused on them in the first place.

  • No, his family loves him and will want to see him be happy and his true self.

    Though there may be some silent resentment and shock at Bruce Jenner's confession from some family members, the most prominent ones, such as his step-daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, are already accepting of the change. Because the leading role models of the family publicly and privately accept him for who he is, he will have an easier time gaining support from other members. It is no longer uncommon to hear of people receiving sex changes, and as society progresses more trans-genders have support in their decisions.

  • No, Bruce Jenner's confession will not start a family feud.

    I believe that Bruce Jenner's confession will serve to strengthen and solidify the family rather than start any type of family feud. In my opinion, underneath all the publicity and showiness, lies a family in which each member deeply cares not only for each other but for the family as a united entity. Bruce's family may be confused and even hurt but they will want him to be happy.

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