The caste system in Hinduism is nothing but bogus to discriminate people.

Asked by: SaiRaghava6
  • Just for power

    There is no difference. In fact dress up an undesirable in fancy clothes and expensive cologne and people will not tell. The rich and powerful castes do this to ensure they remain rich while country men treat each other like dogs.
    Search the God that does not discriminates and accepts those that accept him Jesus Christ.

  • Yes indeed it is

    The whole system of castes like brahmins, Kshatriyas, Etc is nothing but something fed into the minds of people to discriminate against others. If everyone is equal in God's eyes, How come they are divided into different castes? They worship the same gods, They have the same traditions. So why this discrimination?

  • Caste Systems are necessary.

    Some people are just too f***ing stupid to allow outside of certain areas in society. We here in the west have promptly decided to become a bunch of pussies for no reason other than feeling guilty about having our own caste systems. . .

    Those caste systems, I will remind you, Helped Europeans to colonize the world.

    By allowing the strong to rule over the weak, You ensure an abundance of obedience and mutual success as opposed to every-man-as-his-own-emperor bullshit that only leads to chaos and self-mutilation.

    People these days need to be led by a strong leader, Because they've grown stupid and weak without discipline. Hopeless as though they may be, There is still a chance for them to come back from this if the right figure takes control.

  • Because it is no

    It is not caste system. It is actually class system or in sanskrit chaathurvarneeya, Meaning that it is a class system. Just like we classify animals into different phylums, Humans wre also classified. These classificatons were not based on birth but by our work or karma. The person who achieved deep knowledge is called brahmin, Defence or military is called kshatriya and traders were called vaishyas and the remaining shudras. Caste was term coined by britishers for destroying the culture of india

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