• Yes, they will.

    The Cavaliers will win tonight becasue they have better players. They are better equiped and have some more experienced players than the Bulls do. The Bulls are a younger team, and are not the powerhouse that they have been in the last few years. THey lost some of their better players and are suffering.

  • The Cavaliers might win.

    If they had a good season ad kept up with their practices and training and all the team mates are good, the Cavaliers will have a chance at winning against the Bulls. It is not known for certain however whether tey will win or not since no one can reallypredict that. They can only make educated guesses.

  • Probably they will

    The Cavs are 13-4 and the Bulls are 10-7, so if you just look at their respective records they favor Cleveland. Plus LeBron is coming off one of his worst games of the season so far, so he might be in a salty mood and might take it out on the Bulls.

  • Yes, the Cavaliers will win.

    Yes, the Cavaliers will win because they are starting to look unstoppable. They are potentially the best team in basketball, even better than the Golden State Warriors. They have the chance to repeat as champions, but the Bulls need a little more help. They haven't played as a team long enough.

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