• Yes, I think so.

    This might be the worst run franchise in all of sports. Doing the least, with the most possibilities available. Great football town, great history - which would seemingly attract smart football people. Instead they have Ted Philips and a slew of dreadful GMs for as long as I can remember.

  • Chicago Bears the worst team in the league

    The Chicago Bears are the worst team in the National Football League this season. The team is currently winless, going 0-3 in its first three games. They just lost badly to a mediocre Dallas Cowboys football team, which is starting a rookie quarterback. The Bears have not been competitive in any of their games.

  • The Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL.

    The 0-3 losing streak of the Bears says a lot about how poor this team is. They also have won only one Superbowl ring and it was back in 1986, 30 years ago. The great city of Chicago deserves a better team than one that can't win a single game.

  • No other team will be the worst in the NFL as long as the Cleveland Browns are a football team.

    The Browns... If you compare position by position the Bears are a better team by FAR. The Bears might be the second worst team in the NFL right now but the Browns are the worst. Jay Cutler is really bad but he is better than whoever the Browns QB is right now. Who is the best WR on Cleveland? Terrele Pryor? Please Alshon is better. Browns are the worst team in the NFL. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!

  • No, a team's track record is based on past seasons, not just the present season.

    If the Chicago bears have been on a downwards spiral for several seasons, then yes, they could be considered the worst team in the NFL. A team's current season can be attributed to new players and a different team strategy, as well as other variables. All of these things contribute to the way a team plays in a particular season. The season has also just begun, so a teams ranking cannot be determined by just 3 games.

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