• The chicken came first

    The chicken came first in because the Bible it states the God made animals not thear eggs if you dont beleve me just read the Bible its the first part of the Bible ligit the first. Search up genesis 1:24. ( also i am verry sorry for my spelling )

  • According to evolution, it is the egg

    According to evolution, at some point in time, a creature that was almost a chicken laid the egg with the first chicken inside it. I believe that this exolanation makes the most sense and is the most supported by science.
    Thank you for listening to my answer to this question.

  • Egg came first

    THE EGG COMES FIRST!!!!!!!! How is the chicken born if there is no egg? It just does not make any sense at all! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Genesis is bs.

    Science stats that the egg came first through evolution. (Technically neither came first). Therefore the egg came first and arguing genesis does not work because genesis is made up, completely garbage. The Chicken or the egg? The egg is the obvious awnser, an egg laid by some close relative of the chicken.

    Posted by: sssb
  • Dinosaurs, guys. Dinosaurs.

    Are you guys serious? Fish layed eggs millions of years before chickens even existed. Later, dinosaurs layed eggs too. Early birds layed eggs that are not only eggs by definition, but also extremely similar to chicken eggs. Chickens haven't even existed for that long. Call it a loophole or whatever you want, but technically it's true.

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