The christian god has no right to punish innocent people for the sins of the guilty. Agreed?

Asked by: steffon66
  • No, God doesn't have that right

    No, God doesn't have that right at all.
    The entire purpose of punishment is to teach the 'offender' that they've done something wrong. If another person can serve their sentence, what lesson is learned? None. The only lesson learned is that you can do whatever you'd like with no repercussions.
    This is one of the reasons that I've struggled with the Christian religion. I feel that the concept of Jesus dying on the cross to forgive sins is a way for people to do bad things and then just ask Jesus for forgiveness since that's why he died. But, it's not Jesus's job to atone for sins, it's the persons job. Instead of talking to 'Jesus', they should probably go to the person that they hurt instead.
    Punishing innocent people for another persons transgressions undermines the entire purpose of punishment.

  • There are none innocent

    This is what makes me SO mad. No individual is innocent, and especially from a God that put you here. He knows what you've done, He knows the truth. He knows the sins we commit, and believe me- everyone commits sin, constantly. The Bible even talks about how to us, sin is no big deal, but to God, sin is of the most disgraceful. You see, we undeservingly live every day with COUNTLESS amount of blessings. We wake up and receive SO MUCH grace from the Lord, and we don't notice it. We don't deserve those blessings and that grace- not one bit. But on top of that, He sent Himself down on this earth in the form of human to not only give us direct teachings, but to die for our sins. Not his; can we take a moment to appreciate this? Its like being arrested and someone comes along and says "Hey, I can take this punishment for you if you want". That is kind of a big deal.

    And the very fact that with the sin that we commit against Him, yes- He has every right and we deserve it- as guilty people. Johnathan Edwards says it perfectly in his "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" sermon. He says that we are like a spider on a web over a fire. God is the person holding the web. He has the right to let us fall in.

    Just something to think and ponder about.

  • The sins of the father are NOT the sins of the son.

    Father and son can be completely different people, bloodlines can not carry a sin. Just because my great great grandfather might have murdered someone it does not mean that I am a murderer. No should anyone else take responsibility for my crimes biblical or not, its immoral.

    I don't believe Jesus existed, but if he did, I can't let someone else accept punishment, or take responsibility for my crimes. This is a big problem I have with the christian religion. If my crimes are enough to send me to hell, then that's what I deserve, no one, not a god, animal or another human being should have to take that upon themselves. It is immoral! If I truly loved Jesus why would I LET him go through that? Why would I let someone I love get hurt! It does not make sense.

  • If a god did exist.

    It would have every right to treat it's creation as it sees fit. Imagine you are the only person and immortal. To amuse yourself, you create a few robots that can build other robots. As part of the programming, robots have a rule not to harm other robots. Due to a glitch, many robots malfunction and destroy other robots. Even though not all robots malfunction, you feel it is best to destroy them all and start from scratch. Is there any problem with destroying them? After all, they are not human so destroying them would not be inhuman. You may think that this means it is not a good comparison but not so. Yes, humans are human so should be treated humanely but a god is not human so not subject to the rules of humanity no more than a human is subject to rules given a robot.

  • If you knew what he know...

    God, according to the Christian faith, is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He is out side of time, everywhere at once, and is all knowing. I would think he knows the entire truth and is the only one who is worthy to punish anyone. That aside, to sin means to fall short of the target he has placed before us, and the act of sinning can only be committed against him, so only he has the right to administer judgment for sin. The greater question would be, do humans have a right to punish God because of their arrogance in thinking that maybe there is something greater than we are, who created us, gave us the life we have; and will be the ultimate judge of what we have done with such a life.

  • The choice was the innocent's

    Jesus said,"No one can take my life except that I lay it down freely."

    Jesus spoke,"There is no greater gift than that a man would lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends."

    He said,"The shepherd lays his life down for his sheep."

    Jesus prayed,"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I would have you take this cup from me. But what shall I say? For this very purpose did I come into the world. Nevertheless not my will, but your will be done."

    Jesus laid down his life of his own free will and God saw the beauty in Christ's sacrifice of his own life for us.

  • First off if there being punished then they did something wrong...

    Your argument is mainly focused on Christians which I find offensive. They did something wrong against the word of god that is worthy of punishment, not many rules in the bible that arn't worthy of supreme punishment. Anyway it should not be sayed of "innocence" if there being punished then they did something wrong... My goodness people your argument is going agaisnt you.

  • Nope. . .

    God created the world and everything in it. He is the Creator and if He created the world, doesn't that mean he has the right to do with it what he sees fit? Would you want someone telling you what to do with your creation? You have a right to treat what you created as you see fit no matter how harsh. But the thing is, God would NEVER put us in harms way like that. But in the end, God DOES have the right to do whatever He wants with His Creation whether we like it or not.

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ChristTheRedeemer says2016-01-10T04:04:45.117
I meant to vote no...
Thescarecrow066 says2016-01-11T23:47:29.863
This poll makes no sense the Christian god doesn't punish Innocent people... If you would stop listening to the crap your everyday social media twit tells you maybe you would not be so foolish as to post this. Past events such as the Salem which trial and such where others among the Christian "Sections" of their religion there is no one Christian view point as to me this. There are so little rules in the Christian law that require death and little to that we left those behind...Instead we tell you your wrong and give you a second chance to do right.