The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun: Should the CIA have the resources to create weapons such as the "Heart Attack Gun?"

  • The War on Terror

    The war on terror is a dirty game. Our enemies play dirty so we need to play dirty. If we have a way to kill people and make it look like a heart attack, that's great for us. We should have the ability to protect our citizens in any means necessary and it is a helpful piece of technology.

  • It's just unnecessary

    I'm sorry but a Heart Attack Gun? That just seems like someone got extremely bored and decided to play around with some things and accidentally stumbled across a Heart Attack Gun. Taxpayers shouldn't pay their hard earned dollars to the government so that the CIA can come up with a heart attack gun. An actual gun will do just fine if your trying to eliminate someone.

  • I do not agree with CIA having resources to create such weapons

    I feel the CIA should not have the resources to create weapons such as the "Heart Attack Gun". These weapons could be misused and innocent people could be affected due to these, Moreover someone can be wrongly attacked by mistake. Hence I would recommend that CIA does not use such weapons

  • The creation of the Heart Attack Gun is cruel and unnecessary

    It seems like something out of a James Bond movie. It's unlikely that many people know about this tool of the CIA's for committing assassinations. The gun is effective - it shoots out a poison-like substance into the victim's chest, making the person feel like they are having a heart attack. An autopsy would not reveal that the person had a heart attack. It is a sneaky and dangerous method for killing someone. This is part of the rogue activities of the CIA as discovered in US Senate testimonies in the 70s.

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