The Civil Rights Movement: Are we living Martin Luther King Jr's dream?

  • Martin Luther King Jr's dream mostly a reality

    Mostly, Martin Luther King Jr's dream has been realised. In most states and in many countries across the Western world there is equality between people of all colours and we no longer have segregation in schools, in public places or on transport. There is still a way to go before there is complete equality but there is still prejudice on both sides of the colour divide.

  • Majority support Equality

    I believe that more and more people are supportive of mass equality. There will always be some extremists and people with hateful views, in general though the world has moved forward and become more accepting of others. In my workplace alone, though racism exists, it is not tolerated. Nom longer can a person make derogatory comments about someone from a difgerent race to a person of their own, as we largely stand up to this and defend the rights of others.

  • Yes, I think his dream is alive

    I definately think that we are living his dream all races and ethnciity can go to the same schools and have the same opportunities. Even though it is still not perfect I think he would be very proud of the progress that has been made. Whites and Blacks can have kids get married and not be frowned upon.

  • We still do not have peace.

    No, we are not living Martin Luther King Jr's dream, because there are still way too many people who see things on the basis of race. Some people are living his dream, and judging people based on the content of their character. Those who don't are on both sides of the isle. It is not necessarily just the white or black people who have not overcome, but rather some of both races.

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